Domain Bidding

Domain bidding is something we’ve probably all done at one time or another. The problem is many websites and or online domain name auction sites seem to do it differently.  Meaning, while some allow you to bid up to the minute and the clock stops, others restart the clock or others restart the clock with a specified time.

We’d like to continue to explore similar options and have our own domain name bidding process which will be fair and trustworthy to all buyers and sellers.  In order to do just that, it takes time to delve deep into a software program and learn about it’s over all firewall’s for security and beyond.  Please stay tuned and check back regularly, we hope to have something up and running soon enough.  Like all other online domain name re-sellers everything is basically generic.

Basically, the sellers and buyers like to get to the point.  If you’re a seller then everybody pretty much knows if you have a buy it now price your domain name is much easier to sell.  If you’re a buyer, you too want to get to the sales price but on the other hand the buyer could make out even better by coming in at a lower bid as some seller’s just want to sell.

When it comes to domain name bidding that seems to a clearer picture of what is wanted but it is not without having the correct software program to make it work.  Give us some time and we shall see if we can make it happen!