Domain Auctions, Domain Name Search

Domain Auctions are online and offline or sometimes referred to as live domain auctions. Personally speaking, most online auctions charge large percentages for domain name sales and that turns off even the biggest re-sellers around.  How do we fix that problem?  I have no clue, other than there will be more auctions coming online in the future.  We too, hope to be one of those online auction houses but let’s be real it is not without some doing.

Moreover, it is important to realize your competition as it relates to the big auction houses who’ve been in business for many years. Of course, you have to start somewhere and I believe it is possible for the little guy to make it if he can gain the trust of the seller and buyer.  In our case, we have no motive to anything other than that.  We do not currently have a sales fee for the seller or buyer, it is merely a straight sale between the both of them.  Please refer to our terms and conditions and or privacy page for additional details.

Additionally, I would suggest if you’re a re-seller of domain names you place your domain names in any and all domain auction houses in order to reap the full benefits of potential sales.  If you’re merely a buyer then, I would suggest you too visit the various domain auction houses in order to find what you’re looking for.

We appreciate your business and are merely here to network and assist you if possible.  We’re always looking to expand and collaborate with other domain name businesses. Shoot us an email if you have any questions.